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Invent the Future

Based in Camas, Washington, Inventist, Inc. began in 2003 and possesses a portfolio of distinctive products that are the brainchild of Mr. Shane Chen, a true inventor. Inventist is unique in that Mr.Chen dreams, designs and then develops his own inspired products. This leads the way for Inventist to accomplish its goal: To provide a variety of new and interesting products for people everywhere than are fun, exciting and different. To date, Mr. Chen has patented thirty-three inventions, some of which he makes and markets himself while others have been licensed out to third-party manufacturers. Inventist offers products that are new and different, but that are easy and fun to use!

Currently Unavailable

Xing Scooter

Currently Unavailable

Body Toner
Xing Board

Currently Unavailable

Swerver Streetboard

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