Posted on November 6, 2015

Late October, REI announced that they will be closing the doors to all their storefronts the day after Thanksgiving, AKA Black Friday. REI is a huge outdoor retailer in the Pacific Northwest and the go to store for all outdoor/camping/and recreational activities. This is incredible and one heck of a campaign that has gained a lot of following! REI would greatly benefit from keeping their 143 storefronts open on Black Friday, regardless of any deals. Instead, they’re encouraging their employees to enjoy time with their loved ones and to head outside!

Inventist, Inc will also be shutting the doors and closing down headquarters for the Holiday. Unlike REI we conduct most of our business through e-commerce and don’t see many visitors, so shutting down the office doesn’t seem like a huge deal. But to us employees it’s greatly appreciated. Inventist has always closed their doors the day after Thanksgiving, as well as Christmas. It’s a practice that is all too uncommon among major retailers. Each year, Black Friday gets more and more hectic. It’s not even Black Friday anymore. It’s more like “Black Thursday after eating Thanksgiving dinner with your family” day. The sales aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, so why bother?

We stand behind the #OptOutside campaign and greatly encourage everyone who is given the day off to head outside and avoid the stores! That TV will be on sale again next week, the DVD’s will still be there, and that Playstation or Xbox deal will be back again before Christmas. Instead, jump on your Solowheel, Hovertrax, Orbitwheels or Lunicycle and have an adventure outside! Our products are perfect for family fun. The possibilities are endless with all of our crazy and exciting products. After an incredible day outside with your family head back inside for leftover Turkey sandwiches!

If you don’t already have a Solowheel, Hovertrax, Orbitwheels or Lunicycle then head over to www.inventist.com to get yours BEFORE Black Friday! Because it won’t ship until the following Monday anyways