Happy Holidays!

Posted on December 18, 2015

*photo by Daniel Shubin www.behance.net/SHUBIN

Is Christmas already next week? It must be; products are flying out of the warehouse every day!  If you haven’t purchased your Inventist product yet- do so soon! Christmas delivery deadlines are coming very quickly (December 21st)!

Inventist will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Our USPS order processing deadline is 11am PST on Wednesday and 3pm PST for UPS.

We’re all very excited for Christmas! We’re especially excited to see all of the photos of our new customers enjoying their new toys!

We would also like to address the unsafe Hoverboards circulating the US and European countries. If you purchased your unit from Amazon.com and your unit was not an official Razor Worldwide Hovertrax or Inventist, Inc Hovertrax: Please follow Amazons regulations and properly dispose of your unsafe units. Refunds are being issued to those who have purchased such products. Remember, these units are not safe! The batteries cannot properly power the units which causes the unit to combust.

We wish everyone a safe Holiday!