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And with the New Year comes…

Posted on January 1, 2016
Happy New Year! 2015 was a great year for Inventist; new product launches, licensing deals, entering huge retail stores, and who can forget the patent wars! We’re ready for all that 2016 has in store for us! With the New Year we’ll bring new products to market, have our brands in huge retail locations (on store shelves!!), and continue to provide quality products and customer service to our loyal patrons and followers. Anything we could improve on? Let us know! We’re focusing on being the best company we can be and we can’t do that without a little input from our biggest and best critics! The Holiday Season has officially passed. Now that things have slowed down around the office we’re prepared to buckle down and get ready for all we have in store for 2016. Our New Year’s Resolution is to bring new products to life and gain more brand recognition! What’s your Resolution? Also, we would like to take a minute to thank everyone who has purchased an Inventist product since the company first began. Without the backing and support from our valued patrons and followers we wouldn’t be where we are today. Keep an eye out for us 2016! We’re coming at you with full force!

Merry Christmas!

Posted on December 25, 2015
Happy Holidays from Inventist, Inc! We wish you all have a wonderful day! Warm Wishes,  Inventist Emloyees

From the beginning

Posted on December 18, 2015
1987: Professor Kazuo Yamafuji creates a two-wheel gyroscopic balancing device and files a patent application A paper co-written by Yamafuji: http://www.jomac.it/FILES%20RIVISTA/JoMaC08B/JoMaC08B.pdf 2001: Segway commercializes their product and patents specific refinements and improvements 2008: Toyota develops a leg-controlled two-wheel device, the Winglet Press release: http://www.toyota.co.jp/en/news/08/0801_1.html 2009: Honda develops a seated omnidirectional balancing mobility device, the U3-X Press release: http://world.honda.com/news/2009/c090924New-Personal-Mobility-Device/ 2010: Shane Chen invents the standing electric unicycle, the Solowheel and files a patent application for a standing one-wheeled vehicle concept 2012: Shane Chen begins developing the Hovertrax and files a patent application for a hands-free, foot-controlled balancing vehicle concept 2013: Kickstarter for the Hovertrax campaign launched: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/687658339/hovertrax/description

Happy Holidays!

Posted on December 18, 2015
*photo by Daniel Shubin www.behance.net/SHUBIN Is Christmas already next week? It must be; products are flying out of the warehouse every day!  If you haven’t purchased your Inventist product yet- do so soon! Christmas delivery deadlines are coming very quickly (December 21 st )! Inventist will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Our USPS order processing deadline is 11am PST on Wednesday and 3pm PST for UPS. We’re all very excited for Christmas! We’re especially excited to see all of the photos of our new customers enjoying their new toys! We would also like to address the unsafe Hoverboards circulating the US and European countries. If you purchased your unit from Amazon.com and your unit was not an official Razor Worldwide Hovertrax or Inventist, Inc Hovertrax: Please follow Amazons regulations and properly dispose of your unsafe units. Refunds are being issued to those who have purchased such products. Remember, these units are not safe! The batteries cannot properly power the units which causes the unit to combust. We wish everyone a safe Holiday!

CNBC Squawk Box

Posted on December 11, 2015
The Hovertrax has been getting a bad rap lately. Unfortunately, the reason is due to imitation boards that are cheaply made. More and more knock off boards have gone up in flames. Recently, a mall kiosk in Auburn, Washington (very close to home) selling counterfeit boards had a unit catch fire in front of customers and storefronts.  “For no reason, it just exploded,” Kelli Steiner, who recorded the video, told CBS affiliate KIRO-TV . “And not just a little fire, exploded. Like combusted, the whole thing.” http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/hoverboard-bursts-flames-washington-mall-article-1.2459742 Joalene Jolivette, our Global Marketing Director, journeyed to the CNBC office in New York to answer some very important questions about the Hovertrax. Educating consumers is very important as this problem continues to grow.  http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000463336   A few takeaways from the video include:  The Hovertrax will not overcharge if left charging for longer than necessary There have been no incidents with explosion or fires with our Hovertrax, or our other popular items that use the same high quality battery  You get what you pay for. Consumer safety is our highest priority Quality products do come at a price. Please consider your options and choose the safest product on the market. Hovertrax can be found at Target, Nordstrom, Toys R Us, Brookstone, Dick’s, and Razor.com.

Are Hovertrax Safe?

Posted on December 7, 2015
Hovertrax are made with a Lithium Ion Battery with a powerful 96 Watt Hours. This battery can handle stress. Stress from rider usage and stress from charging. This battery can handle much more stress than any user could put on it. This is why our “Hoverboard” the Hovertrax is safe, reliable, and will not catch fire or explode. Knock off Hoverboard manufacturers use cheap and low quality batteries to power their units. These batteries may be Lithium Ion but they are not stable enough powerful enough to control a Hoverboard, let alone charge one. The lower the watt hours the cheaper the battery. The battery mixed with additional low quality components gets you a very low cost board. The 200$-500$ price tag of a “Hoverboard” should be a red flag. People can grumble all day about the price of the Hovertrax. But at the end of the day, the Hovertrax isn’t made of cheap parts and unsafe components. The facts are very clear; you get what you pay for and unfortunately many people are paying a lot more than what they intended to. Not only has money been burned away, but homes have been destroyed and injuries incurred courtesy of cheap and unsafe boards. When you purchase a Hovertrax you’re not only purchasing a quality board, you’re purchasing safety for the rider, and peace of mind that the product will operate as intended.

How Hoverboards Work

Posted on November 16, 2015
Important Things Every Hoverboard User Should Know Self-balancing devices detect when you’re tipping forward or backward. When there’s a change in angle, the motor(s) accelerate toward the direction of the change. (The vehicle accelerates forward when it’s tipping forward.) The acceleration corrects the angle change. That’s how a hoverboard stays balanced, and it’s also how you can make it move by shifting your weight between your toes and heels. Since this is similar to the way we walk and run, riding a self-balancing vehicle feels natural and enjoyable. But while we can feel whether our legs are tired and we know how fast we can move them, we can’t intuitively tell how close a hoverboard is to its maximum power while we’re riding it. If your hoverboard isn’t very powerful, you could be constantly on the verge of falling down and not know it. Here are some technical details that could help you stay safe. Motor ·         You don’t need much power to move at a constant speed on flat ground. ·         Normal electric scooters with wheels in the front and back only need around 200W of power—that’s how much a hoverboard uses while cruising at steady speed on a smooth level surface. ·         But a hoverboard will need a huge surge of power when you hit a bump in the ground, when you accelerate or try to stop quickly, or when a beginner doesn’t have good control of the vehicle (among other situations). In those cases you may need as much as 1000W in order to continue balancing. ·         So the more motor power a balancing scooter has, the safer it is. ·         For instance, Hovertrax has 1000W of power (500W on each side); of the counterfeits we’ve tested so far, we haven’t found any that have that much power. Most only have around 250W on each side. ·         When you’re choosing a hoverboard, try to find out how much power it has—the more the better. Battery ·         All hoverboard batteries are lithium ion batteries, but there are different types within that category. Some are better-suited than others for self-balancing vehicles. ·         A hoverboard’s battery must supply enough current to handle surge power when required by the motor. ·         In other words, even if a motor is capable of 1000W, it won’t do any good if the battery doesn’t reliably provide enough power at those crucial moments. ·         Among the counterfeits we’ve tested, most used name brand batteries, but chose a low-current option for a lower cost. Those batteries don’t have enough surge power capability. ·         A lightweight rider (under 120lbs) can get away with using a low-powered board. Everyone else should exercise more caution. ·         When riding a low-powered unit, you probably feel just fine most of the time, but you are in fact more likely to have an accident. Fires ·         There have been several reports of hoverboards catching fire or even exploding. ·         This mostly seems to happen while charging, but there has been at least one incident where it happened during riding. ·         In some cases this has caused house fires and injuries. ·         The fires may be caused by certain types of batteries that are easily flammable. They may also be caused by faulty charging adapters. ·         Unfortunately it can be hard to tell for sure whether your unit and/or its charger can start a fire. ·         If you’re not sure, then don’t leave your hoverboard unattended while it’s charging (that includes charging it overnight while you sleep!). You also shouldn’t charge it in a part of the room that’s very close to you, such as under a desk you’re sitting at.

Rainy Days in the PNW

Posted on November 13, 2015
Fall has truly begun. Leaves are falling, rain is falling, but Inventist is moving on up! We’re set to be in major department stores this year and early next year. Things are hectic around the office but it’s all going to be worth it! We’d love to hear from you when you can see our products in your local Target, Toys R Us, Brookstone, and Best Buy! Even though fall is setting in there is still much to look forward to and plenty of opportunities to take your Solowheel out for strolls. There’s not much better than zooming around the PNW on a Solowheel in the Fall. Get the family together and hit the trails before this beautiful season ends! Solowheels are incredibly easy to travel with. Keep it with you at all times; you never know when the need for Solowheeling will strike! Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. To all of our loyal customers and new customers: we will be closed the 26 th and 27 th of this month, as well as the 24 th and 25 th of next month . This means that we will not be shipping any products those days. All orders place on those days will be received and sent the following Monday. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Happiest of Holidays to you all!


Posted on November 6, 2015
Late October, REI announced that they will be closing the doors to all their storefronts the day after Thanksgiving, AKA Black Friday. REI is a huge outdoor retailer in the Pacific Northwest and the go to store for all outdoor/camping/and recreational activities. This is incredible and one heck of a campaign that has gained a lot of following! REI would greatly benefit from keeping their 143 storefronts open on Black Friday, regardless of any deals. Instead, they’re encouraging their employees to enjoy time with their loved ones and to head outside! Inventist, Inc will also be shutting the doors and closing down headquarters for the Holiday. Unlike REI we conduct most of our business through e-commerce and don’t see many visitors, so shutting down the office doesn’t seem like a huge deal. But to us employees it’s greatly appreciated. Inventist has always closed their doors the day after Thanksgiving, as well as Christmas. It’s a practice that is all too uncommon among major retailers. Each year, Black Friday gets more and more hectic. It’s not even Black Friday anymore. It’s more like “Black Thursday after eating Thanksgiving dinner with your family” day. The sales aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, so why bother? We stand behind the #OptOutside campaign and greatly encourage everyone who is given the day off to head outside and avoid the stores! That TV will be on sale again next week, the DVD’s will still be there, and that Playstation or Xbox deal will be back again before Christmas. Instead, jump on your Solowheel, Hovertrax, Orbitwheels or Lunicycle and have an adventure outside! Our products are perfect for family fun. The possibilities are endless with all of our crazy and exciting products. After an incredible day outside with your family head back inside for leftover Turkey sandwiches! If you don’t already have a Solowheel, Hovertrax, Orbitwheels or Lunicycle then head over to www.inventist.com to get yours BEFORE Black Friday! Because it won’t ship until the following Monday anyways 

The Daily Show

Posted on October 30, 2015
Be on the lookout for the Hovertrax to appear on The Daily Show by the end of the year (the crew said the segment will be ready in 3-5 weeks)! The film crew from The Daily Show has commandeered our Headquarters for the day. It’s business as usual for most of us but we can all hear the comical scenes being shot with Jessica Williams all around our building. The story is about the Hovertrax of course. Everyone is buzzing about “Hoverboards” since Back to the Future day on October 21 st . While the Hovertrax doesn’t quite hover, it’s as close as you can get. The big scoop involves the various lawsuits happening now, or that have already happened- check out the interview when it airs on Comedy Central to get the full story. Filming has been going on all day and is still in full swing. We’re all looking forward to seeing the final product. There are some scenes that sound hilarious! And, you get to see Jessica Williams learn how to Hovertrax! Recently, another Comedy Central star, Daniel Tosh purchased Hovertrax for his personal use. Naturally, Daniel has already used the Hovertrax in his show Tosh.0. The skit shows Daniel riding his Hovertrax around the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas getting ready to place a bet on the Dolphin/Patriot game. Daniel actually placed a bet on the game to raise money for his friend, and fellow comedian Andy Ritchie, to assist Andy with his medical bills. Daniel raised an initial $25,000 for his friend by selling random props from his show and then doubled it to $50,000 after the successful game bet.  See the clip and read the full story with the link below: http://thecomicscomic.com/2015/10/29/daniel-tosh-raises-25000-for-andy-ritchies-medical-bills-doubles-down-betting-it-on-football/

Brand Awareness

Posted on October 16, 2015
Here at Inventist we do a lot of tradeshows and small events throughout the year. Showing our products, even at large events such as CES, the International Home and Housewares Show, Toy Fair, and Outdoor Retailer, still hasn’t been enough to capture awareness for our brand. We are a leader in the green technology/commuting industry and we’re always thinking up a new toy, rideable, or more efficient way to go about daily activities. The Alkacharger charges non-rechargeable batteries, the Ultradrainer is a multipurpose kitchen tool that saves time and space in the kitchen, and the Solowheel is a zero-emission vehicle to get you from point A to B. Our products are efficient, innovative, and fun! But public awareness has been lacking…until now! As early as this upcoming Holiday Season you will start to see the Inventist name in large, and very well known department stores such as Nordstrom and Toys R Us. We’re extremely excited that consumers across the United States will see our products while walking down the aisles of popular stores. Not only are we getting Inventist in to these stores, we are also keeping those pesky knockoffs from getting their feet in the door. Once these large department stores learned that our products are the only legitimately patented products they sought to get them on their shelves. The road has been long, but we’re start to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Let us know when you spy an Inventist creation in the aisles of your local Toys R Us, Nordstrom, Brookstone, Target, Sears, and Kmart! And don’t forget about our newest celebrities that have their very own Hovertrax or Solowheel! With popular celebs zooming around town on our devices we’re seeing awareness increase. Our products are no longer “the hoverboard thing” or “whatever that is” (referring to the Solowheel), they’re the Hovertrax and Solowheel by Inventist, Inc. More and more people each day realize that Inventist products are the patented, legal, and more superior product on the market and we couldn’t be more ecstatic.

What is a patent anyways?

Posted on October 9, 2015
A lot of people out there know about patents.  The extent of that knowledge varies. If you were to ask random individuals walking down the street you may not find the correct answer. The answer is, “It is a property right for an invention granted by a government to the inventor. A United States patent gives inventors the right “to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling their invention throughout the United States or importing their invention into the United States for a limited time. In exchange for public disclosure of the invention when the patent is granted and for fees paid to the United States.” (Bellis, “What Is A Patent?”). With that cleared up we can get into specifics. There are a few different types of patents.  For the purposes of this article we’ll be focusing on two; utility and design.  Creating something new and innovative is increasingly difficult as we dive further and further into the future. Technology has come so incredibly far in the last hundred years, not mention ten years! A utility patent is given to those who have invented a new process or product that is useful, and perhaps that has been an improvement upon such a product. In the United States, the invention being patented may not have been made public in any way, in any country, for one year prior to the application date. The invention must also be non-obvious, meaning, “An invention involves an inventive step if, when compared with what is already known, it would not be obvious to someone with a good knowledge and experience of the subject, for example, if you just make cosmetic changes that is obvious.” (Bellis, “What Can Be Patented?”).   A design patent is just that. A patent provided to protect the design of an invention. A design must be new and original to be granted a patent. Both patents permit the patent holder to keep others from manufacturing and selling products that infringe on their patent. But, that doesn’t always mean there won’t be any competition. Friendly competition is wanted, welcome, and keeps innovators on their toes. Reverse engineering products that have had years of hard work, research, and dedication poured into them is not considered friendly competition. Shane Chen dedicated much of his time to improving upon a large, bulky, pedestrian transportation device. Out of his enthusiasm came two fascinating and innovative creations; the Solowheel and the Hovertrax. Both of these products have come to be consumer favorites for countless reasons. The modern simplistic design make the products look like they came from the future. The absence of hulking handles and colossal wheels allow for easy and hassle free storage, not to mention easy travel via all types of transportation! To hold a patent for an invention the invention has to be different, new, inspiring, something that hasn’t been seen publicly before. This is what we’re about at Inventist. Creating the next level of innovation; creating the future. Move independently. Move freely. Move different. Ride the future.  1. Bellis, M. (n.d). What Can Be Patented? Retrieved September 17, 2015. 2. Bellis, M (n.d). What Is A Patent? Retrieved September, 17, 2015.

Emmy’s- Weekend of Lounge

Posted on October 2, 2015
September 17 th Inventist, Inc journeyed to beautiful Los Angeles, California to attend the Extra TV gift lounge located at the London Hotel. The lavish hotel was the perfect venue to showcase our luxury products; the Solowheel Xtreme and Hovertrax. Each celeb meandered through the lounge, escorted by a pretty girl holding a name card with the celebrity’s most notable shows/films (like we needed any help with that!). The whole experience was one for the books. We loved meeting each celebrity and getting to know them as an individual. There were also 10-15 other companies in the lounge with us. New Balance was giving away shoes, Centrum was giving away various vitamins, and Charmin was giving away toilet paper. Charmin was also giving away another gift; booty sketches by a professional butt sketch artist! The event began early Friday morning and lasted well into the night, almost blurring into the next morning. Luckily for us, the sensational Mario Lopez was the first celebrity guest to stop by our booth. Mario is most well-known as AC Slater from “Saved by the Bell” and more recently as a host for Extra TV. Mario hopped on the Hovertrax and mastered it immediately. Mario’s electric personality really got our day off to a great start! As the event progressed we saw more and more familiar faces; Allen Cumming, Richard Cabral, and John Lovitz to name a few.  I had to subdue my inner fangirl when I caught a glimpse of Constance Zimmer making her way towards our booth. If you’re not familiar with Constance, she’s been in just about anything good on TV. Constance has had roles on “House of Cards”, a Netflix original series, “Grey’s Anatomy”, and Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”. Of course Constance, and others, like Clifton Collins Jr, Michael Rapaport, and Samuel L. Jackson all had a blast riding the Hovertrax throughout the lounge area. Later that day, Matt LeBlanc, best known for his character Joey Tribianni from TV’s hit show “Friends” stopped by our booth. Matt was nominated for an Emmy for “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedic series” for his hit show “Episodes”, which airs on Showtime. Matt is one of the most down to earth and relaxed individuals we encountered during our entire Emmy’s experience. Matt was most intrigued by our Solowheel Xtreme. He loved it so much he bought one for his daughter so they could learn to ride together. Since the Emmy’s, we’ve been in continuous contact with Matt. Him and his daughter are both learning how to ride and loving their Solowheel Xtreme’s; and we’re loving the daily updates! Overall, the Inventist booth was very popular with all the celebrities who attended the lounge event. We have a ton of great photos of the event posted to our Facebook pages and we’re posting new images daily on our Instagram and Twitter accounts! Be sure to “follow” us on Instagram and Twitter and “like” our awesome Emmy’s photos! www.instagram.com/inventistinc Twitter: @inventistinc

All in a day's work

Posted on September 23, 2015
With a few hours notice, and Hovertrax in hand, one of our lovely employees was whisked away to New York to personally deliver a Hovertrax to the Good Morning America show late last night. The Hovertrax has been a blazing hot topic lately due to the growing community of knockoffs, lawsuits, and of course, the very vocal Mark Cuban. Due to a last minute change of plans, the employee who was to originally hand off the unit and be done, was asked to ride the Hovertrax during the segment. It was a very terrific and unexpected experience. Good Morning America will be airing (depending on where you are- already aired) the segment in their Wednesday the 23rd show. Don’t miss it! What a morning!

Dancing with the Hovertrax

Posted on August 10, 2015
We couldn’t have been more thrilled when the Dancing With The Stars tour stopped in Portland, OR and used the Hovertrax on stage during the show! Val, Keo, Alan and Sasha rode out one by one for an “interview” with host Melissa Rycroft. The Inventist team enjoyed watching these enthusiastic and personable performers show us what truly loving your profession is all about. We can hardly wait to see what they come up with when they feature the Hovertrax in an actual dance routine!
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