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Are gadgets taking over your kitchen cabinets? When space is at a premium, wise cooks look for items designed for multi-tasking. The Ultradrainer is so versatile that we use it every day to drain, strain, defrost, marinate, steam, cook and store food. And while it’s designed it to be functional, we also made it attractive enough to use as a serving dish.

The Ultradrainer is perfect for the microwave – just add water to the tray to steam veggies. Marinate meats quickly and easily; simply flip the Ultradrainer over to distribute marinade evenly. You can drain pasta right in the cooking pot using the large strainer, or quickly drain canned vegetables or tuna using the small strainer.

The Ultradrainer set contains a tray, a lid, a small strainer (for cans) and a large strainer (which fits almost any pot size). The four pieces fit together into one flat unit which can be stored either vertically or horizontally, taking the place of more bulky kitchen items. While the Ultradrainer is easy to store, we think you’ll use it so often that you may never put it away.

Before and After

Comparison photos of the Ultradrainer from before and after


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Come One, Come All
Trying to come up with a captivating trade show booth can be tough. Nowadays you need to include more than just a large banner, you need multimedia capabilities to really engage the audience. But bringing, or even renting an extra screen, projector, laptop, and extension cords can be a hassle. Even more, once you get your booth set up the way you want it, you almost always end up tripping over the cords and constantly walking in front of your media display. Enter Inventist with our new patented trade show booth design. With our display, you have both your banner and screen for multimedia projection all in one! Plus, it allows a projector to hide under the display so cords are out of the way and booth attendees can walk about without interfering with their media presentations, leaving the display to be the “big screen” attention grabber! Inventor and CEO, Shane Chen, and Chief Product Evangelist, Claude Rorabaugh, will be presenting this display live at the Exhibitor Live Conference at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas March 13-15, 2017. They desire to meet with trade show display makers who might be interested in a licensing agreement. The future of trade shows just got a whole lot brighter! Photos in order from top to bottom: an enhanced image of the entire Inventist trade show booth with the pre-printed background and a video on the top screen,  a close-up of the projector placement,  an extreme close-up of the projection screen material, and  a medium shot of our pre-printed display with the blank screen. 
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Happy National Inventors Day
In recognition of the enormous contribution inventors make to the nation and the world, Congress designated February 11 as National Inventors’ Day back in 1983 because it was the birthday of inventor Thomas Alva Edison. Edison held over 1,000 patents from the light bulb to the motion picture camera and was affectionately known as America’s greatest inventor. While it’s true we’ve all come to depend on Edison’s inventions, we’d also like to take the time to recognize another very important inventor in our lives. Our founder, Shane Chen, is the brilliant mind behind all our inventions here at Inventist. Shane has over 30 patents, from the Aqua Skipper to the new Solowheel Iota. Many of his inventions have gotten national and even worldwide attention, being featured on such programs as QVC and CNBC’s Squawk Box. We’ve also received images and videos of fans using his inventions in Australia, Italy, and Russia. Shane, as your staff, we would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday and to say a BIG thank you for all you do!  For us, this day will always be National Inventist Day! 😉
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Inventist to display new exhibit projection screen at the Exhibitor Live conference.
Inventist will be showing a new projection screen and back drop at the Exhibitor Live conference.  With this lightweight screen, exhibitors no longer need to rent or take large screen monitors or fight with projectors in the high light levels at trade shows. Our patented screen fabric can be your “big screen” conference attention grabber!   Inventist desires to license our patent. See the Inventist team, Shane Chen, Ywanne Chen and Claude Rorabaugh at booth 1911. The exhibit hall will be open March 13 through 15, 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.
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