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The PowerWing is a unique three-wheeled scooter which mimics the effortless propulsion techniques used by ice and roller skaters. Once you step on the PowerWing, you maintain forward motion by using your lower body to push the standing platform from side-to-side. This means that once in motion, the PowerWing stays in motion without your feet ever touching the ground.

The PowerWing adds another fun dimension to the scooter experience: drifting. When you turn sharply, the unit drifts sideways and spins around. With practice, you can turn 360 degrees and continue riding without losing momentum.

This invention is exclusively licensed to Razor Scooters.

The Powerwing
My original motivation for creating the PowerWing was to invent a scooter that didn’t require the rider to constantly push with their foot to maintain speed.
  • The PowerWing is a three-wheeled scooter with inclined casters.
  • The rider propels the scooter by using a side-to-side motion of the lower body without pushing off the ground.

Powerwing Images

  • A child riding a Powerwing on the sidewalk
  • Child on Powerwing
  • The Powerwing
  • The Powerwing
  • The Powerwing

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