Swerver Skates

Introducing the all new Swerver Skates. These incredible new skates can swerve, turn, veer, diverge and converge again . . . all without ever having to lift your feet off the ground!


We love to skate, especially outdoors. We’ve tried roller skates, roller blades and even ice skates when the pond freezes over. But the most fun we’ve had on skates has been with our new Swerver Skates.

We know that not everyone has the balance and agility of Michelle Kwan, so we enhanced our skates to make them easier to turn and control, and much more stable due to the wider wheel placement and patented lean-to-turn mechanism. Now it’s easy to swerve and turn without even lifting your feet off the ground. With Swerver Skates, you simply lean and let the patented turning technology do the work.

Before and After

Comparison photos of the Swerver Skates from before and after


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You may look at the Orbitwheels and think “Cool! I can hardly wait to use them!” and you would be right: They are cool! This video shows you the two most important steps when learning to ride the Orbitwheels: 1. Always start with your lead foot up, balanced inside the wheel on the foot platform, then push off the toes of your back foot to start your momentum. 2. Think of an infinite wave as you move the toes of both feet in, then out, then in, then out~~~~~~you can even draw rolling waves on the ground for your feet to follow. Start near a wall or other support to help you balance and move as you practice the motion. We want you to know that you CAN learn to ride the Orbitwheels. It takes learning the special technique and a bit of persistence, but once you master it, you’ll be on your way to feeling the freedom of never having to push off the ground again. Once you get going, you can literally go forever!
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Need a little help on how to move your Orbitwheels? One way to think about it is by mimicking the movement of a snake. Check it out!
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Introduced in 2008, the Solowheel has always been one of Inventist’s premier inventions. We’re happy to announce eWheels as a licensed seller within the U.S. of products using the technology of U.S. Patent No. 8,807,250 for one-wheeled electric self-balancing unicycles for standing riders.
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