Emmy’s- Weekend of Lounge

Posted on October 2, 2015

September 17th Inventist, Inc journeyed to beautiful Los Angeles, California to attend the Extra TV gift lounge located at the London Hotel. The lavish hotel was the perfect venue to showcase our luxury products; the Solowheel Xtreme and Hovertrax.

Each celeb meandered through the lounge, escorted by a pretty girl holding a name card with the celebrity’s most notable shows/films (like we needed any help with that!). The whole experience was one for the books. We loved meeting each celebrity and getting to know them as an individual. There were also 10-15 other companies in the lounge with us. New Balance was giving away shoes, Centrum was giving away various vitamins, and Charmin was giving away toilet paper. Charmin was also giving away another gift; booty sketches by a professional butt sketch artist!

The event began early Friday morning and lasted well into the night, almost blurring into the next morning. Luckily for us, the sensational Mario Lopez was the first celebrity guest to stop by our booth. Mario is most well-known as AC Slater from “Saved by the Bell” and more recently as a host for Extra TV. Mario hopped on the Hovertrax and mastered it immediately. Mario’s electric personality really got our day off to a great start!

As the event progressed we saw more and more familiar faces; Allen Cumming, Richard Cabral, and John Lovitz to name a few.  I had to subdue my inner fangirl when I caught a glimpse of Constance Zimmer making her way towards our booth. If you’re not familiar with Constance, she’s been in just about anything good on TV. Constance has had roles on “House of Cards”, a Netflix original series, “Grey’s Anatomy”, and Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”. Of course Constance, and others, like Clifton Collins Jr, Michael Rapaport, and Samuel L. Jackson all had a blast riding the Hovertrax throughout the lounge area.

Later that day, Matt LeBlanc, best known for his character Joey Tribianni from TV’s hit show “Friends” stopped by our booth. Matt was nominated for an Emmy for “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedic series” for his hit show “Episodes”, which airs on Showtime. Matt is one of the most down to earth and relaxed individuals we encountered during our entire Emmy’s experience. Matt was most intrigued by our Solowheel Xtreme. He loved it so much he bought one for his daughter so they could learn to ride together. Since the Emmy’s, we’ve been in continuous contact with Matt. Him and his daughter are both learning how to ride and loving their Solowheel Xtreme’s; and we’re loving the daily updates!

Overall, the Inventist booth was very popular with all the celebrities who attended the lounge event. We have a ton of great photos of the event posted to our Facebook pages and we’re posting new images daily on our Instagram and Twitter accounts! Be sure to “follow” us on Instagram and Twitter and “like” our awesome Emmy’s photos!


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