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Introducing the all new Swerver Skates. These incredible new skates can swerve, turn, veer, diverge and converge again . . . all without ever having to lift your feet off the ground!

Swerver Skates

We love to skate, especially outdoors. We’ve tried roller skates, roller blades and even ice skates when the pond freezes over. But the most fun we’ve had on skates has been with our new Swerver Skates.

We know that not everyone has the balance and agility of Michelle Kwan, so we enhanced our skates to make them easier to turn and control, and much more stable due to the wider wheel placement and patented lean-to-turn mechanism. Now it’s easy to swerve and turn without even lifting your feet off the ground. With Swerver Skates, you simply lean and let the patented turning technology do the work.

Swerver Skates
I invented Swerver Skates to solve problems traditional roller skates have which impact the skater’s control while turning. To improve maneuverability, I started by re-thinking how the wheels and axles are arranged.
  • Easier to turn and control.
  • Lean to turn without lifting your feet off the ground.
  • Very stable due to the wider wheel placement.

Swerver Skates Images

  • Swerver Skates
  • Close-up of two pairs of Swerver Skates in action
  • Swerver Skates

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