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An electrically motorized, self-balancing wheel that fits directly under your foot.


Whether for play, transportation, or skating, riding around on Hoverwheels is a winner when it comes to all the things you look for and need in a rideable!

And because they're individual skates they’re easy to maneuver in tight spaces, around people, furniture and through doorways without getting caught-up and bumping into things. Plus, they're about half the weight of a hoverboard - so much easier to carry around and transport.

Patented in 2016, Hoverwheels work in a way similar to a hoverboard - using your feet to gently lean in the direction you want the Hoverwheels to move. It's very intuitive and easy. Once you get the hang of them you can easily spin, twirl, and create your own moves and tricks.

I wanted to make a product that’s more like hovering, so I decided to try and put a wheel directly under your foot so you can move one foot in front of the other, making you stable. I like the freedom!
  • Rides like a combination of inline skates and a hoverboard
  • Fun and intuitive riding experience
  • Self-balancing - stable, quick-to-learn and ride
  • Lightweight - easy to carry and transport

Hoverwheel Images

  • A woman and child riding on Hoverwheels
  • A close-up of someone using Hoverwheels
  • The carrying case for Hoverwheels
  • A close-up of someone using Hoverwheels

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